Why Algorithmic Trading?

Fully Automated

​“Timing is everything”.   The truthfulness of the statement is widely accepted, but the details for good timing elude most people. In today’s environment of automation and computer engineered systems, no person can compete with the overwhelming processing power of

No Emotions

“Fear is a mind killer”.   Many experienced traders bemoan very bad decisions that they made at one time or another based on emotions. The psychology of behavioral finance teaches that there are many common human emotions and responses which


​“Don’t put all your eggs in one basket”  Diversity in your investments is a wise choice..  Systems are generally an uncorrelated diversifier for an investment portfolio. The availability of different durations for transactions can add the dimension of day-trading and

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Back Tested, Forward Tested, Real Money Fills

Back Tested, Forward Tested, Real Money Fills

​“Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it”* Computers don’t forget and they don’t make excuses  -- back testing systems is one of the fundamentals of artificial intelligence trading development. Observing strategy reactions to different market situations

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Algos in the News

There will come a time when no human investment manger will be able to beat the computer."

David Siegel, Co-founder of quanitative fund Two Sigma, which manages $51 billion (2017)

No man is better than a machine," "And no machine is better than a man with a machine."

Paul Tudor Jones, Co-founder of Tudor Investment Corporation, which manges $39 billion

There was $38 billion of institutional investment into algorithmically driven hedge funds in the first quarter of 2016 alone."

- Wired


Join the algorithmic trading revolution and put a computer enhanced trading system to work for you. Be part of the smart money shift along with hedge funds, institution investors and bank trading desks. Invest in emotion free, data driven processing

Artificial Intelligence

Launch your program in real time. Your system will process information with lightning speed for optimized trading signals. Buy and sell orders automatically executed by your system. Emotion free cyber trading with timing optimization and risk management.Launch your program in


​Monitor your system results in real time 24 / 7. Optimize your cyber portfolio easily and see the trades your artificial intelligence robots are making based on market trends, conditions and data. Stay current with system updates, newsletter and performance